You Can Help Save the Newark Wetlands

One of the biggest opportunities to protect and restore San Francisco Bay wetlands and wildlife is at risk of being lost forever.

The City of Newark has approved a development project to pave over hundreds of acres of open space adjacent to the Don Edwards SF Bay National Wildlife Refuge, trucking in over 100,000 dump trucks full of fill to destroy wetlands within a flood zone that’s anticipated to be completely inundated by sea level rise—in order to construct 469 new luxury homes.Newark

It’s now up to the state regulatory agencies whose job it is to protect San Francisco Bay to step in and stop this destruction. Urge the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) and San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board (Water Board) to protect this area before it’s too late.

The 559-acre site, known as “Newark Area 4”, is a historic shoreline in the South Bay long prized by Bay scientists for wetland and habitat restoration—and authorized for inclusion in the Don Edwards SF Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Area 4 is also a key opportunity to explore nature-based adaptation for sea level rise and flood protection for frontline communities. As a rare space for upland wetlands, a protected shoreline would not only buffer our communities from sea level rise, but also provide critical habitat for endangered wildlife.

The City of Newark pushed through approval of this development, despite significant opposition and legal action from local community groups and Baykeeper’s partners. It’s now in the hands of BCDC and the Water Board—the agencies responsible for protecting the Bay—to step in and protect Area 4 before these lands are paved over forever.

Join us in taking action and spreading the word to #SaveNewarkWetlands!