Tell Newsom: Stop the Extinction Crisis In San Francisco Bay
Photo: John Chacon

Stop the Extinction Crisis in the Bay

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Governor Newsom is subsidizing California’s industrial agriculture at the expense of the Bay’s fish, wildlife, and water quality and the people who depend on a healthy Bay.

We're taking out more water than any ecosystem anywhere has been able to withstand."

FELICIA MARCUS, Past Chair, California State Water Board; Current member, Baykeeper Advisory Board

San Francisco Bay desperately needs a plan for sustainable water use that protects our fish, wildlife, water quality and the communities that depend on it. Instead, Governor Newsom is giving away water the Bay needs, subsidizing industrial agribusinesses at every turn.

As a result, California will not have a salmon fishing season this year; Native American tribes will continue to suffer from the destruction of their fishing culture; six of the Bay’s native fish species are listed as endangered, and more may join that list soon.

If Governor Newsom doesn’t stop blocking action, San Francisco Bay will no longer support the fish and wildlife species that people have relied on for thousands of years.

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