Governor Newsom, It's Nuts Not to Prepare for Drought
Photo: John Chacon

Stop the Extinction Crisis in the Bay

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Governor Newsom is giving water handouts to California’s industrial agriculture at the expense of a healthy Bay and the people who depend on it. 

An entire ecosystem is unraveling bit by bit before our eyes.”

Water-intensive crops like almonds, walnuts, and pistachios get irrigated while toxic algae fills the Bay's tributaries and salmon die. This puts Bay Area residents and our local fishing businesses in peril, while leaving vulnerable communities without safe and affordable drinking water. What's worse, the state is using bad science from the Trump era to justify it.

The State Water Board has developed a plan, based on actual science, that would require increased river flows into the Bay and require both industry and cities to use water sustainably. But Governor Newsom has actively blocked this science-based plan.

Tell Governor Newsom to reject Trump-era “science” and say no to greed. 

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