See the 2015 Bay Parade Finale

There are lots of fun ways to see the Bay Parade finale at McCovey Cove at 12:45. Take your choice of viewing spots: from the shoreline or by kayak.

From the Shoreline

See the Bay Parade finale from the north side of McCovey Cove, along the Giants Promenade/Bay Trail. Enter from 3rd Street and walk east along McCovey Cove behind the stadium, or from The Embarcadero, walk south through South Beach Park to the far side of South Beach Harbor.

See a map here.

By Kayak

City Kayak is offering a 20% discount on McCovey Cove Experience kayak rentals (regular price $49.00) on June 14. Kayak rentals start at 11:30am. Watch the Bay Parade finale and stay afloat for the Giants game, with a chance to catch a Splash Hit. Advance reservations required, using discount code AQUEOUS20.

Learn more and make reservations to see the Bay Parade by kayak.