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The latest on Baykeeper's activities to defend San Francisco Bay, its tributaries across the Bay Area, and the communities that rely on a healthy environment.

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Protecting the Bay from Ship Pollution

Pollution from large vessels needs to be tightly regulated and the results publicly accessible, Baykeeper recently told the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA is updating the...

Gray Whale Spotted in the Bay - Watch but Steer Clear

To keep whales safe in the Bay, boaters need to stay at least 300 feet away—about the length of a football field—warns the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Gulf of the...

Mine Closure Plan Could Pollute Bay

A Cupertino limestone quarry’s plan for how they would end mining operations could pollute San Francisco Bay with mercury and other metals, Baykeeper recently warned Santa Clara County planners....

California Coast Gets New Protection from Ship Sewage

Cruise ships and other large vessels will no longer be allowed to dump their sewage into the water within three miles of California’s coast, including anywhere in San Francisco Bay or the Sacramento-...

Cleanup Progress with Richmond Tug Oil Spill

The riskiest part of the cleanup of oil spilled from a tugboat in the Richmond harbor has succeeded. The World War II-era Tiger tugboat sank in on December 11, and oil from leaky fuel tanks began...

Protecting the Bay from Invasive Species

Large ships should be required to clean hitchhiking invasive species off their underwater surfaces before arriving in San Francisco Bay, and not while sitting in California waters, Baykeeper recently...

High Tides Next Week Give Preview Of Sea Level Rise

San Francisco— Next week some of the year’s highest tides will breach California’s coastal and bay shorelines, providing a glimpse of what the state can expect as sea level rises due to climate...

California Waste Solutions to Reduce Bay Pollution

Last week Baykeeper and California Waste Solutions, Inc. (CWS) reached an agreement to reduce storm water pollution from the company’s recycling facility in San Jose. CWS picks up curbside recycling...

America’s Cup Moves Forward Without Giant TV in Aquatic Park

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors certified the America’s Cup environmental impact report last week, and in a victory for Bay swimmers, a giant floating JumboTron TV screen won’t be placed in...

Tightening Controls on Toxic Cement Plant Pollution

A Cupertino cement plant, the largest source of mercury pollution in the Bay Area, should face tougher requirements to reduce toxic pollution, Baykeeper recently told regulators. Baykeeper urged...

West Bay Agrees to Curb Sewage Spills to the Bay

Fewer sewage spills will be draining into San Francisco Bay from Menlo Park-based West Bay Sanitary District. Baykeeper has successfully settled our long-running lawsuit against West Bay for illegal...

West Bay Agrees to Curb Sewage Spills To The Bay

San Francisco - Less sewage will be draining into San Francisco Bay from Menlo Park-based West Bay Sanitary District, San Francisco Baykeeper announced today. Baykeeper has successfully settled its...


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