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BK In The News: May 27, 2010
More than 90 percent of Bay Area beaches received top grades in the annual report by Heal the Bay, a Santa Monica group that studied pathogens and bacteria levels at 456 California beaches.
BK In The News: May 14, 2010
The Bay Area's most skilled, experienced wildlife rehabilitators have decamped to the Gulf of Mexico shoreline. San Francisco Baykeeper, part of a national coastline preservation nonprofit, has dispatched two staff members to the gulf.
E News: May 12, 2010
Baykeeper Mobilizes to Assist Gulf Oil Spill Response Victory! A Better Policy to Protect Marine Life at Power Plants Take Action: Speak Up for New Wetlands in San Jose Support Baykeeper's Work to Defend the Bay Baykeeper Mobilizes to Assist Gulf Oil Spill Response"...
E News: May 5, 2010
Dear Friends, I'm writing today with an update on the Gulf oil spill and San Francisco Baykeeper's new initiative to help with response efforts, including sending two of our staff members to assist Gulf Coast Waterkeepers. As I'm sure you know, a major environmental disaster threatens the Gulf...
Monthly Column: May 1, 2010
Wetlands are among the most important ecosystems on Earth and provide a number of valuable functions that may be compromised due to climate change and the associated sea level rise. Not only are they highly productive, providing habitat for many specialized plants and animals, but...
E News: April 14, 2010
Baykeeper Secures Ghost Fleet Cleanup As Rain Continues, So Do Sewage Spills National Academy of Sciences Affirms Delta Fish Protections Speak Up for New Wetlands in San Jose Baykeeper's Spring Newsletter in Mailboxes Now! Support Baykeeper's Work to Defend the Bay Baykeeper Secures Ghost...
BK In The News: April 1, 2010
After years of legal wrangling, the federal government agreed Wednesday to remove a fleet of mothballed military ships that has dropped tons of heavy metal pollution into a waterway northeast of San Francisco.
BK In The News: April 1, 2010
The federal government and environmental groups reached an agreement Wednesday that will mean the end of the ghost fleet of retired ships in Suisun Bay. "They were a floating toxic waste dump," said Deb Self, executive director for the San Francisco Baykeeper, an environmental group.
Monthly Column: April 1, 2010
Small changes in our daily lives can make a big impact on the health of San Francisco Bay. You can help prevent sewage spills, reduce stormwater pollution and reduce the amount of toxic chemicals that enter the Bay by following these basic pollution prevention tips around your home. In Your...
Press Release: March 31, 2010
The U.S. Maritime Administration, the federal agency responsible for San Francisco Bay’s ghost fleet, has agreed to clean up and remove the abandoned and decaying ships from the Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet.A settlement agreement announced today resolves a long-running legal battle over the...