Company Volunteer Events

Baykeeper is pleased to work with local businesses that support our mission to defend San Francisco Bay and local communities from pollution. Below is a selection of volunteer opportunities available to engage employees in direct action for the Bay.

Trash Cleanups

Baykeeper offers shoreline trash cleanups for employees to take direct action to improve the Bay’s health, learn about the impact of trash on the Bay and wildlife, and support Baykeeper’s broader efforts to prevent trash in the Bay.

Currently Baykeeper is offering limited in-person cleanup engagements. We also offer remote, distanced cleanup opportunities, providing complete guidance for employees to conduct self-directed trash cleanups in their own neighborhoods, including collecting key data on trash contamination that supports our advocacy efforts.

For this engagement, we request an investment of $3,000 in Baykeeper’s work to defend the Bay from trash, including Baykeeper’s targeted advocacy to reduce trash from sources throughout the watershed, before it reaches Bay shorelines.

Employee Education

Baykeeper offers educational presentations to raise employee awareness about the challenges facing San Francisco Bay. This is an opportunity to host a virtual State of the Bay presentation for your employees. Led by an expert Baykeeper staff member, the session will dive into current water policy issues and pollution threats to the Bay, and ways employees can help.

For this engagement opportunity, we request an investment of $1,500 in Baykeeper’s ongoing work to defend the Bay. Optional: A larger gift will go toward Baykeeper’s efforts to strengthen laws that protect the Bay from the biggest threats.

Thank you for your interest!