Keep our bay alive

I am participating in Bay Parade on July 9, swimming in a relay team from the Golden Gate Bridge to McCovey Cove. This is a fundraising event for Baykeeper SF, a non-profit dedicated to restoring and maintaining a healthy SF Bay.
Goal $ 200.00
100% towards our goal
$ 460.00 raised
I'm excited to swim with my friends on July 9. Swimming in SF Bay is a humbling experience. To be a human being immersed in the Bay provides a sense of how immense this body of water is, and how important it is to the health and vitality of our city. I feel awed, more healthy, and so very grateful every time I swim in these briny waters. I am very appreciative of any donation you can make to support the work of San Francisco Baykeeper. One of their current projects is advocacy for more action to rid San Francisco Bay of abandoned boats. Whether sunken or floating, abandoned, boats can pollute the Bay with fuel, sewage, antifreeze, trash, and other toxic materials. Thanks for your support!