San Francisco BayKeeper

Hi Friends! Hope that everyone is well! I just wanted to let everyone know that on July 9th, I'll be swimming from Golden Gate Bridge to McCoy Cove (sans wetsuit....brrrrr) with a team of 3 others in order to raise money for San Francisco BayKeeper. This organization help keeps our beautiful Bay free from pollution, safe for recreation, and ready for the future. If you love our Bay as much as I do, please consider donating to this wonderful organization. Even $5 can make a huge difference in keeping our aquatic playground clean! Thank you!
Andie And Nick
$ 20.00
Good luck Court! Stay warm and swim fast!
The Kilkuts Family
$ 250.00
Best of Luck!! Love you
$ 50.00
Peldi ātri !!! Es Tev mīlu.