Peter M

Friends of the Bay - BayKeeper is on a roll! We are true citizen enforcers of the Clean Water Act - a first line of defense and protection of our beloved Bay in these crazy times. Dive in with us!
Goal $ 2,500.00
100% towards our goal
$ 5,252.00 raised
$ 502.00
Stark Family
$ 250.00
Keep up the amazing work!
Honig Winery
$ 250.00
Thank you Peter for helping make the world a better place!
Tom - Ex SAM Crew
$ 250.00
Peter - Keep up good work!!
Roland And Betty
$ 250.00
We hope the swim was great and the beer will be good!
Buddy & Zachary Hoffman
$ 250.00
Thanks for making good clean fun for now and the future.
Cameron Frey - SF Bay Sailor
$ 250.00
Nice work Peter! Keep me on the list.
Noah, SAM Crew
$ 250.00
Christian Wright
$ 100.00
Keep up the inspiring work Peter!
$ 150.00
320 Elmwood Avenue
$ 250.00
Whatever happened to a repeat row to Sacramento?? ;)
Gary G
$ 100.00
Really upset to miss it!
SF BayKeeper is the ONLY POLLUTION PATROL VESSEL ON SF BAY! Be a hero and fun a whole patrol at $250 or at least one leg at $125.