Briana's Baykeeper Fundraiser!

Pesticides, invasive species, and vessel pollution - oh my! Help Baykeeper protect our marmals, sharks and rays, bony fish, inverts, plankton, and other organisms so that we continue enjoying the benefits of our beautiful Bay for years to come.
Goal $ 200.00
100% towards our goal
$ 319.00 raised
Jamilya U
$ 50.00
Swim, Briana, swim!
On July 9, three of my trusty open water friends and I will be participating in the Bay Parade to support Baykeeper's efforts in keeping the San Francisco Bay clean and healthy for people and creatures in our local communities. This 6.5 mile relay swim from the Golden Gate Bridge to McCovey Cove is done in service to all of us that benefit from cleaner water and cleaner beaches. Who is Baykeeper? They're an awesome nonprofit that monitors water quality, using science and on-the-water patrols in order to identify the greatest threats to the health of the Bay’s ecosystem. Then they strategically use advocacy, public education, and legal action to secure smart solutions that stop pollution and restore water quality. Since 1989, Baykeeper has compelled cleanup of hundreds of refineries, chemical companies, landfills, and city streets, kept hundreds of millions of gallons of untreated sewage out of local neighborhoods, won federal court victories to regulate pesticides, invasive species, and vessel pollution, been recognized as a national leader in oil spill prevention and response, conducted regular patrols to monitor water quality, and responded to hundreds of citizen pollution reports through the pollution hotline. On a personal note, I use Baykeeper educational videos in my Env. Ecology class every semester to highlight the important issues our Delta and Bay face in the 21st century. Students are inspired by the huge impact such a small non-profit can have. Support our Bay by donating what you can. Thank you! Bri