Let' Swim for Baykeeper!

Now more than ever it is of paramount importance to take care of our environment not only for the present generation but also for future generations. Water is essential for life and we are lucky to have Baykeeper that is the watchdog for making sure our water stays clean. I am very appreciative of Baykeeper and am pleased to support them!
Goal $ 200.00
100% towards our goal
$ 200.00 raised
If you spend any time in, on or under the water, you know how important it is to keep our Bay clean both for people and wildlife. Please support Baykeepers continued efforts to monitor the Bay--helping to keep it free from pollutants that pose a negative impact. I have been swimming in the San Francisco Bay since 1978 and have an obvious personal interest in keeping our Bay clean. Baykeeper has dedicated volunteers who monitor the waters and I would like to support them! Thank you!!!