I'm swimming to keep the SF Bay clean.

Hello friends! I'm going to swim from the Golden Gate Bridge to AT&T Park on July 9. Would you help support me and Baykeeper in helping ensure that the SF Bay remains clean and beautiful?

Goal $ 2,000.00
100% towards our goal
$ 2,480.00 raised
The Washburn Family
$ 100.00
Yay, Dylan! Have a great swim. We and the Bay thank you. You are an awesome and brave fellow.
Leigh Anne
$ 30.00
Swim on with your bad self, Dylan! Iceman has nothing on you!
Rose And Andreas
$ 150.00
You are awesome Dylan!
Susan & Dennis
$ 50.00
Go Dylan! You'll do great!
$ 50.00
Great initiative, love the ocean and its good to see people working together and supporting to see it clean.
Mary Margaret Fogarty
$ 20.00
Good luck! Keep watching.
Kim Decker
$ 50.00
Dylan, we love this bay, and we love you for helping to keep it in great shape! Happy swimming! :)
$ 100.00
Better you than me! Best of luck Dylan and thanks for doing this on behalf of a great cause.
$ 30.00
Good for you, Dylan! Swim on!
$ 100.00
Just keep swimming!
The Goldstein Family
$ 50.00
Great cause. Have a great swim!
Highwire Public Relations
$ 200.00
Go Dylan! Thanks for the amazing fund raising to keep our Bay clean!
Peter Newton
$ 25.00
I still think you're crazy. Was I the only one who saw Jaws. But applaud your efforts to keep the Bay as clean as can be.
Stephen Lawson
$ 30.00
Dad & Kit
$ 100.00
Brian 2e
$ 65.00
Very Cool . . .
Roderick Bauer
$ 30.00
Go Dylan!
Cory And Jim Ferrara
$ 50.00
Dylan, thank you for helping to take care of our bay. I know you can do this swim. You are dedicated, motivated and in great shape. Put your head down and swim on.
$ 10.00
$ 20.00
Volunteering is its own reward. Thanks to all the volunteers at BayKeeper.
$ 100.00
Dylan, congrats on this endeavor! Very impressive!
Bill Lessard
$ 50.00
You rock, dude!!
Alex Love
$ 30.00
Enjoy the swim!

I discovered open water swimming by jumping into the SF Bay a few years back. Most people think I'm crazy to be swimming (without a wetsuit!) in water that's usually in the mid-50s (Fahrenheit), but like many swimmers before me, it has changed my life.

There's something that happens to the body and the mind with regular immersion in cold water. I think it's one of the most primal forms of entering into nature -- but cold water also has terrific benefits for heart health, stress reduction, and more. It's like a cosmic "reset button."

The thing is, swimming in SF Bay is only possible because of the efforts of literally thousands of people over decades, people who have fought to clean up the Bay and then to keep it clean.

Baykeeper is one of the key organizations protecting the Bay now, mounting legal challenges to stop polluters from dumping toxics into the water, to stop cities from letting sewage flow into it, and to keep companies from dredging out too much sand and disrupting the Bay's ecosystems. They also do a great job of publicizing what a terrific natural resource the Bay is, and why it's so valuable to all of us who live here (not just us crazy swimmers!).

Baykeeper is a nonprofit organization, and these days, environmental nonprofits need as much help as they can get. That's especially true in the face of massive cuts to the EPA and even to environmental regulations.

So please join me in supporting Baykeeper. I'm going to swim 6.5 miles from the Golden Gate Bridge to AT&T Park on July 9, partly to see if I can actually do it, but also to raise money for this organization's efforts.

Please join me in making a donation to Baykeeper. $30, $50, $100, or whatever you feel like you can afford, even if it's just a couple bucks. I'll be grateful. The SF Bay will thank you. Just click on that Donate button below.

And if you want, I'll take you swimming in the Bay anytime. Just ask.


p.s. I'm publishing occasional updates about my swimming adventure via email and on my blog. If you'd like to follow along, please sign up!