Baykeeper Update

Vote for the Bay--Yes on Prop 67, the plastic bag ban

In the upcoming elections on November 8, Baykeeper recommends a yes vote on California Proposition 67, the statewide plastic bag ban. If Prop 67 passes, groceries, pharmacies, and other retail stores in California won’t be allowed to provide single-use plastic bags.

When plastic bags wash into San Francisco Bay and the oceans, they kill wildlife. Animals get entangled in the bags and drown, or eat them and starve.

The average shopper uses a single-use plastic bag less than 12 minutes, but the bag remains in the environment for up to 1,000 years. And in California, less than 3% of plastic bags are recycled.

Plastic bag companies from South Carolina, Texas, and New Jersey are funding the highly deceptive campaign against Prop 67. They want to protect their profits at the expense of California’s environment.

Many Bay Area communities are already covered by local plastic bag bans that have reduced plastic bag litter in San Francisco Bay. California passed a statewide law in 2014 to phase out single-use grocery bags, with broad public support. A yes vote on Proposition 67 will keep this law in place and ensure that it is implemented statewide.

Vote to keep plastic pollution out of San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Vote Yes on Prop 67.

Learn more about the YES of Prop 67 campaign.