Baykeeper Update

Take Action! Last Week To Comment on BCDC's Sea Level Rise Policy

Over the last several months Baykeeper has been speaking up in favor of the sea level rise policy currently being considered by the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC). This Friday, December 17, BCDC will close the written comment period for the draft policy, and the Commission needs to hear from residents who support a sensible policy for addressing the potential impacts of sea level rise due to climate change. We urge you to review the Bay Plan sea level rise policy (an amendment to BCDC's existing Bay Plan) and submit any comments you might have, or simply voice your support for BCDC's forward-thinking efforts. Comments can be submitted by fax or email and to find all related documentation check here:

Under this amendment, developers and public agencies that are considering shoreline development would sensibly have to take into account likely rates of sea level rise. Current estimates predict that by 2050, the Bay could experience a sixteen-inch rise in sea levels as a result of climate change. Baykeeper supports protecting low-lying Bay wetlands that can provide a buffer against rising water levels, while requiring that developments do not exacerbate flood risk nor require future flood protections at public expense.

Predictably, the policy is facing huge opposition from development interests. BCDC needs to hear from residents that support sustainable development around the Bay, so please submit your comments by Friday. To learn more or for assistance in drafting comments, please contact Ian Wren, Staff Scientist, at or (415) 856-0444 x108.