Baykeeper Update

San Francisco Offers Discounted Rain Barrels to Residents

If you're a resident of San Francisco, check out this special SFPUC program to help you reduce water consumption and storm water pollution to the Bay by installing a rainwater harvesting system. SFPUC is offering discounted rain barrels and cisterns for residents, businesses and schools, and for the month of January, they're throwing in free curbside delivery (no small matter for a 60-gallon rain barrel).

Click here to learn more about the SFPUC's discounted rain barrel program.

Harvesting rainwater helps decrease water flows into storm drains and sewers, which can help reduce overflows and spills to the Bay. During the rainy season, storm water and sewer overflows are a major source of pollution to the Bay. Read more about Baykeeper's work to control storm water pollution and sewage spills