Fifty Legal Wins to Hold Industrial Polluters Accountable

Apr 24, 2023

Map of victories against industrial pollutersAcross the region, industrial facilities illegally pollute the Bay with stormwater runoff containing high concentrations of toxic contaminants like lead, chromium, copper, and oil.

With the help of our supporters over the last decade, Baykeeper has successfully compelled more than 50 of these industrial facilities (marked in the map in orange) to stop polluting the Bay, local rivers, and creeks.

This support has kept our science team in the field identifying polluters and has kept our lawyers in court enforcing the Clean Water Act against bad actors. Together, we've required polluting companies to install meaningful pollution controls and pay over $12 million in penalties to community organizations to make up for the past harm their pollution has caused to the water, wildlife, and communities of San Francisco Bay.

Read more about our work to stop industrial pollution in San Francisco Bay 

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