Debate Continues on Sea Level Rise Planning

Jun 14, 2011

The debate continues between private developers and environmentalists over a proposal by the Bay Conservation and Development Commission that calls for development around the Bay to recognize sea level rise and plan accordingly. The Commission has postponed a final vote until October, pending further public comment.

Baykeeper will continue to advocate in support of protecting sensitive shorelines from irresponsible development. Baykeeper does not feel the amendment would stifle economic growth or hamper development, in general, but would help ensure inappropriate developments do not encroach on the Bay, in violation of the McAteer-Petris Act, or pose a public threat associated with future flooding, which would likely require the use of public funds to defend such poorly-sited projects from rising sea levels or sea surges.

The Bay Citizen reported earlier this month that development interests have spent $350,000 on lobbyists over the last year to influence this Bay Plan amendment. The delay in a final vote allows lobbying groups and special interests to continue to introduce modifications aimed at weakening the scope and impact of the amendment.

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