Baykeeper Update

Congratulations, Swim for the Bay Swimmers!

Twenty-six swimmers made a 9-mile crossing of San Francisco Bay on Sunday, September 30 in San Francisco Baykeeper’s annual Swim for the Bay. We’re so proud of their accomplishment, and honored that they swam to support Baykeeper’s work for a clean and healthy Bay. See photos of Swim for the Bay by clicking below.

Swimming in relays teams, the swimmers had currents to fight along the way, but they enjoyed sunny skies, warm weather, and smooth water. One team had to detour around a large tanker ship, and swimmers had occasional contact with jellyfish (non-stinging, fortunately) and other small sea creatures.

Each relay team was accompanied by a boat to assure their safety and to keep the swimmers on course. Our race director monitored the swim from aboard the Baykeeper boat. The teams completed the race in three and a half to five hours.

Each swimmer joined Swim for the Bay with a commitment to raise at least $300 for Baykeeper. We’re excited to report that we’re on track to raise more than $10,000 from the event! Some teams are still raising funds to reach their goal—you can support their swim by making a donation here.

We celebrated the swimmers’ amazing feat at an after-swim party at San Francisco’s historic Dolphin Club. Thanks to everyone who joined us for the party! We are so grateful for the tremendous support of the Bay’s open-water swimming communities.

Congratulations to all the swimmers and supporters who made this event a success for the Bay!

Swimmer Relay Teams
Rick Avery, Cesar Manzano, John Nogue, and Arnie Oji; Pilot: John Ottersberg
Bonnie Brown and Suzanne Greva; Pilot: Andy Stock
Paige Coulam, Brendan Crow, Jesse Czelusta, James Falbusch, and Katie Harrington Pilot: James Fahlbusch
Rick David, Tom Keller, Daniel Madero, Peter Molnar, Jeff Russell, and Ralph Wenzel; Pilot: Peter Molnar
C. Brian Elginsmith, Rachel Elginsmith, and Leigh Fonseca; Pilot: Barry Christian
Lolly Lewis, Jason Prodoehl, and Eric Shupert; Pilots: Mike Silva and Diane Walton
Denise Lillian, Ilana Peterson, and Anne Schonauer; Pilot: James Bock

The Baykeeper Boat Team
Gary Emich, Race Director
Geoff Potter, Head Skipper
Susanne Friedrich, volunteer photographer