Baykeeper Update

Baykeeper Seeks 2013 Volunteer Pollution Investigators

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Are you interested in getting out in the field for a healthy Bay? Baykeeper seeks Volunteer Pollution Investigators for 2013 to help us find out which industrial facilities are polluting San Francisco Bay.

     Sign up today to be a Baykeeper 2013 Volunteer Pollution Investigator.

We’re looking for volunteers who can attend a 90-minute training in July, then commit up to ten hours to investigate Bay Area industrial facilities in dry and rainy weather. Baykeeper will provide free training and necessary materials. Training sessions will be held in Oakland on July 27 and Fremont on July 30.

Volunteer Pollution Investigators are key parts of Baykeeper’s Bay-Safe Industry campaign. We’re working to rein in a major source of pollution in San Francisco Bay—industrial storm water runoff. Evidence gathered by last year’s Volunteer Pollution Investigators helped Baykeeper win legally-binding agreements that require industrial polluters to install new controls to protect the Bay from contamination.

This year, we have a new online tool that makes it easier for our volunteers to select facilities to investigate and find out when rain is about to hit.

If you were trained as a Volunteer Pollution Investigator last year and want to continue, please plan to attend a training session this year, to share lessons you learned and get trained in our new online tool. We also welcome new volunteers.

This volunteer opportunity is a key way to help make San Francisco Bay cleaner and healthier. Get more information and sign up as a Volunteer Pollution Investigator.