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Volunteer in the Bay Parade

Volunteer registration is now closed! 

Volunteers play an integral role in ensuring the success of the Bay Parade. Read about the different volunteer options available to you!

Volunteer Details

Boaters  |  Kayak and SUP  |  On-land  

BOATERS: If you are bringing a boat to the Bay Parade or will be on board as a co-pilot or boat crew, please click here to read detailed instructions for boaters in the Bay Parade.

KAYAK and SUP: If you are an experienced kayaker or stand up paddle boarder your support is needed in both courses.

Paddle, Pier 40 to McCovey Cove and back

  • Help guide the paddle contingent of the Bay Parade. Work with a team of volunteer paddle guides to ensure all paddler participants travel safely along the paddle route and arrive at the parade finale on time. Communicate with other guides and on-the-water event managers to ensure the fun and safety of all participants. Kayak or SUP rental provided or you may bring your own kayak or SUP.
  • Help with the banner lift for the Bay Parade finale. The banner lift provides a fun and exciting backdrop when swimmers and paddlers arrive to McCovey Cove. Kayak rental provided, or you may bring your own kayak.

Swim, Golden Gate Bridge to McCovey Cove

  • You will support and ensure the safety of participants by monitoring swimmers in the water, providing visibility to other watercraft, and communicating with other support boats. You must provide your own paddle equipment with this course option.


  • Registration: The tasks will include distributing waiver forms, handing out Bay Parade t-shirts and fundraising prizes, checking in bags, and providing general assistance to participants. Once the paddlers are on the water, help pack supplies and move event materials to the after party. The shift runs from approximately 9:30 am-1:30 pm.
  • Swimmer Exit: Cheer on the Bay Parade finale! Afterwards help make sure swimmers safely exit the water and reach the post-event area for showers and snacks. The shift runs from approximately 12:30 pm-1:30 pm.
  • Post-Event Support Station: Help set up and staff the post-event support station by making sure swimmers have their gear and a hot shower; coordinating snack and beverage distribution; and directing participants to the after party. Afterwards take down and pack up supplies. The shift runs from approximately 12:30 pm-2:30 pm.
  • Paddle Exit: Greet and direct paddlers who are returning at Pier 40. Help participants who need assistance carrying their kayak to the nearby after party. The shift runs from approximately 12:30 pm-2:30 pm.

Volunteers each receive an event t-shirt and get free entrance to the Bay Parade Party once your volunteer shift is complete. Additional party tickets are available for $50.

We will make every effort to accommodate your preference. In the case that your selected role has already been filled, we will reach out about reassigning you.

Thank you in advance for enthusiastically helping us celebrate a clean and healthy bay!

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If you have any questions about a specific role email Léa Pfeffer at events@baykeeper.org

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