Baykeeper's Outreach and Education to Clean Up Industrial Storm Water Pollution

May 9, 2012

Baykeeper is conducting outreach and education to industrial polluters on how to better control their contamination of San Francisco Bay.

Outreach on Easy-to-Contain Pollution

Some polluting industrial facilities have relatively simple, easy-to-fix problems that require only basic upgrades to achieve significant reductions in their storm water pollution. Baykeeper contacts these facilities with a direct request to address the matter, without initiating legal action. By addressing facilities with both small and large pollution violations, Baykeeper is providing a more comprehensive solution to the cumulative impact of industrial pollution from all facilities around the Bay.

Clean Boatyard Guidelines

Baykeeper is also helping provide guidance to facilities that repair and maintain boats and ships. We are collaborating with the California Department of Toxic Substances Control to develop a manual of best practices for boatyards. Read more about what boatyards can do to reduce Bay pollution.

Model Boatyard Program

Baykeeper is facilitating the creation of a new education program on non-polluting boat maintenance and repair. Spaulding Wooden Boat Center in Sausalito, a local nonprofit boat-building organization, will receive a grant to redesign its facility with cutting-edge pollution control measures. Spaulding Center will use this model to educate local boatyard owners and boaters on how to reduce pollution to the Bay from boat repair and maintenance. This grant is a result of Baykeeper’s successful settlement of our lawsuit against BAE Systems Ship Repair Inc. The settlement requires BAE to make a mitigation payment as a penalty for its past pollution of San Francisco Bay; the mitigation payment funds the grant to Spaulding Center. Read more about the new education program for clean boatyards.

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