I Want the Bay to Be Trash Free!

I Want the Bay to Be Trash Free!

Anyone who has been to the shoreline, creeks, or out on the Bay has seen it—accumulating trash piles that return again and again despite repeated cleanup efforts. And it’s mostly coming from city streets and storm drains and ending up in the water.

Plastic bags, water bottles, straws, cigarette butts, and thousands of other items end up in the water, where they’re not only an eyesore, but also harm birds, fish, and other wildlife that confuse the garbage for food. Plus, over time all plastics break down into microplastics that make their way into our drinking water and food supplies.

But city officials across the region have turned a blind eye to the problem – repeatedly failing to implement the needed infrastructure to stop waves of garbage from polluting our waters.

It's clear that Bay Area cities can and should do a better job keeping the Bay's shoreline, local communities, and waters clean. That's why we're asking for you to sign on to support our efforts fighting for a healthy, trash-free Bay!

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Photos by Baykeeper and Ingrid Taylar

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