Fish and Marine Life Protection

The Bay is home to a remarkable array of fish, birds and marine mammals, including harbor seals, sea lions, leopard sharks, Dungeness crab, brown pelicans and snowy plovers. Hundreds of rare and endangered species live in and around the Bay.

Baykeeper's work to defend the Bay's water quality is crucial to protecting the wildlife of the Bay Area.

Protecting Marine Life at California Power Plants

Baykeeper is part of a coalition of environmental and fishing groups that is aggressively fighting the continued use of once-through cooling, the destructive technology that kills billions of marine animals each year. We have been working at the local and statewide level on policies to phase out once-through cooling throughout California, including advocating for a strong new policy by the State Water Board in 2010. Read more about Baykeeper's work to protect marine life at California's power plants.

Protecting California's Salmon and Smelt

Baykeeper is a member of the environmental, fishing and native peoples coalitions that are fighting a contentious court battle to protect California's salmon and Delta smelt populations from increased water diversions in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Since the increased diversions began, California's salmon and smelt populations have plummeted dramatically. Commercial water districts and agricultural interests continue to challenge the protections we've secured in federal court. Read more about Baykeeper's work to protect California's salmon and smelt from overpumping in the Delta.