Auto Dismantler Agrees to Keep Polluted Runoff Out of the Bay

In Baykeeper’s latest victory to clean up toxic industrial pollution, Pinole Rodeo Auto Wreckers has agreed to prevent contaminated rainwater from running off its site into San Francisco Bay.

Baykeeper sued the company under the Clean Water Act after the company’s own reports showed that during rain storms, water running off the site contained high levels of oil, grease, and total suspended solids (a measure of small particles, including industrial waste).

Victory! Benicia Rejects Crude Oil Rail Expansion Near the Bay

In response to pressure from Baykeeper, our partner environmental organizations, and local residents, Benicia’s City Council voted unanimously on September 20th to reject Valero Energy Corporation’s proposal to expand the rail yard at its Benicia refinery. An expansion of the refinery’s rail yard would have dramatically increased the number of tank cars filled with crude oil traveling on tracks near San Francisco Bay.


Vote for the Bay--Yes on Prop 67, the plastic bag ban

In the upcoming elections on November 8, Baykeeper recommends a yes vote on California Proposition 67, the statewide plastic bag ban. If Prop 67 passes, groceries, pharmacies, and other retail stores in California won’t be allowed to provide single-use plastic bags.

When plastic bags wash into San Francisco Bay and the oceans, they kill wildlife. Animals get entangled in the bags and drown, or eat them and starve.

Oakland Bans Coal Exports that Threaten the Bay

The Oakland City Council has taken its final vote to approve an ordinance that bans coal from being handled and stored in the City of Oakland, including through a new bulk shipping terminal proposing to export millions of tons of coal. Baykeeper has been strongly advocating for Oakland city leaders to reject the proposed coal export project because it will contaminate the Bay and local communities with dangerous coal pollution.

City of San José and Baykeeper Reach Agreement to Reduce Pollution in SF Bay

San José will lead Bay Area in reducing trash and investing in green infrastructure
Sejal Choksi-Chugh, Executive Director,, 510-735-9700 x107

Oakland and San José, Calif. - Today, San Francisco Baykeeper and the City of San José announced a legal agreement to make the Bay Area’s largest city a greener one. As part of the agreement, San José has committed to make significant future environmental investments by implementing more stormwater capture projects, also known as “green infrastructure.” The anticipated long-term benefits include a reduction in pollutants entering creeks, recharging of groundwater supplies, and beautification of the city landscape -- ultimately enhancing the quality of life for San José residents.

What’s Better for the Bay: Wetlands or Private Resort?

After the owner of 39-acre Point Buckler Island, located in Suisun Bay, filled the island’s wetlands and tidal marshes without proper permits, authorities levied a fine of $4.6 million and ordered him to restore the island’s important wetland ecosystem. In recent media coverage, the landowner attempted to downplay the harm his actions have caused, painting the penalties as an example of government regulators run amok.  


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