On the Public Record: Fish, farms, feedback loops.

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On the Public Record blog

From the On the Public Record blog: “With the House Congressional hearings and Judge Wanger’s decision to allow pumping for a couple weeks right now (on the grounds that the pumps are allowed to kill about 23,000 juvenile salmon and so far have only killed about 1,200, so, you know, might as well pump a little), [...]

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Groups sue to block giant Westlands backroom water deal

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Posted by Dan Bacher at IndyBay.org: “Three months after the State Senator Steinberg’s so-called “historic” delta protection legislation was approved the state’s agribusiness industry is quietly securing secret state and federal sign offs to authorize water exporters to damage the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta for decades to come. North Coast Rivers Alliance and three other groups [...]

On the Public Record blog: Go for the contracts, not the infrastructure

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On the Public Record blog

From the On the Public Record blog: “I think this approach, suing to re-consider the project water contracts is exactly the right approach for people who want to limit north-south water transfers. I haven’t been sympathetic to claims that “plumbing is destiny,” that if you build a huge canal, it will inevitably be used to [...]

Weather update: One more Southwest storm, then a pattern change

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Accu-Weather’s Western Weather Blog

From Accu-Weather’s Western Weather Blog:
“An upper level trough off the Northwest Coast Monday afternoon will drop south Monday night. It will pinch off into a cold core upper level low off the Northern California Coast Tuesday morning. The rest of Tuesday and Tuesday night it continues to drop south near the coast before moving inland [...]

A Holiday Tradition for the Birds… and Bird-Lovers

Deb Self, Executive Director
From the February 2010 edition of Bay Crossings

The Audubon Society’s Annual Christmas Bird Count is citizen science in action, an effort to collect information about bird populations across the Western Hemisphere to help guide conservation action by groups like San Francisco Baykeeper.  Every year, during the last days of December, hundreds of birders stake out Bay shorelines, wetlands, and hillsides to identify and count birds so that scientists can monitor population trends of native and migratory bird species in the Bay Area. 

EPA, Baykeeper Take Legal Action to Stop East Bay Sewage Spills

East Bay cities held accountable for leaky sewage collection systems.
Jason Flanders, Baykeeper Staff Attorney, (o) 415-856-0444 x106, (c) 916-202-3018, jason@baykeeper.org

Today, San Francisco Baykeeper filed a complaint in federal district court to join the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) enforcement action against six East Bay cities and one sewage district for illegal sewage spills. This enforcement action is the culmination of years of Baykeeper efforts to hold East Bay cities accountable for leaky sewage collection systems that inundate the East Bay Municipal Utility District’s (EBMUD) treatment plant with massive amounts of rainwater and sewage and cause major sewage spills to the Bay.


Protecting the Bay’s Most Sensitive Areas

Deb Self, Executive Director
From the January 2010 edition of Bay Crossings

When I received news of the Dubai Star oil spill in late October, I immediately turned to the Bay’s oil spill contingency plan, the document that governs how federal and state government agencies respond to an oil spill. The plan contains important information about the Bay’s sensitive sites, such as the seasonal locations of rare and endangered species, and specific strategies to prevent oil from impacting more than 200 particularly sensitive Bay and coastal shorelines.


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