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Clean Boating on the Bay

Deb Self, Executive Director
From the August 2010 edition of Bay Crossings

Summertime is here and if you’re like me, you’re spending more time on the water with longer, warmer days. As Bay Area residents flock to recreational hotspots along our shorelines, they may be unaware that their boating plans can have an impact on the Bay’s environment. Whether you’re in a motorboat or sailboat your vessel can contribute to water pollution in the Bay, where hundreds of small releases of oil, sewage, and cleaning fluids into the water can cause problems for fish and other marine life.

Baykeeper Settles Major Sewage Spill Lawsuit with Millbrae

Sewage Spills in Millbrae coming to an End
Jason Flanders, Baykeeper Staff Attorney, (o) 415-856-0444 x106, (c) 916-202-3018,

Frequent sewage spills in Millbrae will soon be dramatically reduced through a new agreement between San Francisco Baykeeper and the City of Millbrae. The pollution watchdog group sued the City last December after public records revealed that Millbrae spills thousands of gallons of raw sewage from its sewer lines in violation of the federal Clean Water Act. The claims Baykeeper brought were based solely on reports made by the City to State regulators.


Putting the Toxic Ghost Fleet to Rest

Deb Self, Executive Director and Saul Bloom, Executive Director of Arc Ecology
From the July 2010 edition of Bay Crossings

Due to the efforts of San Francisco Baykeeper, Arc Ecology and Natural Resources Defense Council, the decaying, toxic vessels of the Ghost Fleet will soon haunt the waters of Suisun Bay no longer. In an important victory for the health of San Francisco Bay and for the diverse range of animals that thrives in the unique habitat of Suisun Bay, we have successfully secured an effective cleanup plan for the Ghost Fleet.


Ballot Measure Attempts to Repeal CA's Clean Energy and Clean Air Standards

Amidst the Gulf Oil Disaster, Mayor Gavin Newsom and National Environmental Leaders Challenge Texas Oil Companies' Efforts to Kill California's Clean Energy Efforts
Deb Self, San Francisco Baykeeper, 415-856-0444 x108, cell: 510-882-1882

Mayor Gavin Newsom, Sierra Club Chairman Carl Pope, and leaders from environmental organizations today challenged Texas oil companies for bankrolling a November ballot proposition that will repeal the state’s clean energy and clean air standards.


From San Francisco Bay to the Gulf of Mexico: Putting to Use Lessons from the Cosco Busan

Deb Self, Executive Director
From the June 2010 edition of Bay Crossings

Though the Gulf of Mexico is almost two thousand of miles away from San Francisco Bay, the implications of the ongoing BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster reverberate across the country. Sadly, it strikes a special chord here in the Bay Area, where we witnessed the effects of a major oil spill in the Bay less than three years ago. The message is clear:  despite numerous oil spills and many new federal requirements for oil spill response, our government (and private oil companies) remain unprepared and unequipped to deal with oil spills in our nation’s waters.


Climate Change’s Threat to Bay Wetlands

Deb Self, Executive Director
From the May 2010 edition of Bay Crossings

Wetlands are among the most important ecosystems on Earth and provide a number of valuable functions that may be compromised due to climate change and the associated sea level rise. Not only are they highly productive, providing habitat for many specialized plants and animals, but wetlands also control the flow of water in adjacent water bodies and filter out pollutants that would otherwise harm aquatic ecosystems.

Ghost Fleet to be Cleaned Up and Removed from Suisun Bay

Environmental groups, San Francisco Bay Regional Water Board, and Maritime Administration reach settlement requiring clean-up of hazardous paint and decaying ships
Deb Self, San Francisco Baykeeper, 415-856-0444 x108, cell: 510-882-1882

The U.S. Maritime Administration, the federal agency responsible for San Francisco Bay’s ghost fleet, has agreed to clean up and remove the abandoned and decaying ships from the Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet.

A settlement agreement announced today resolves a long-running legal battle over the decaying fleet between MARAD and the Natural Resources Defense Council, Arc Ecology, San Francisco Baykeeper, and the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board.

We All Have a Sewage Problem

Deb Self, Executive Director
From the March 2010 edition of Bay Crossings

Slow drains are the first sign of trouble.  A baby opossum in the potty is a real warning sign, though.  Yes, my 1928 home had the original sectional terra cotta sewer pipes, and earthquakes and tree roots had left large openings in the pipes.  A den of adolescent possums apparently had used the pipe (during dry weather) for exploring.  The baby opossum that showed up in the house went to the Lindsay Wildlife museum hospital, and we called a sewer repair company.


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