Advocating Against Shipment of Crude Oil in Unsafe Tank Cars

Baykeeper recently joined with Waterkeeper organizations across the country to urge federal regulators to tighten lax regulations on crude oil shipped by rail. The amount of crude oil shipped by rail in the US has skyrocketed in recent years due to the increase of oil production in North Dakota and Canada. As a result, spills, accidents, and explosions have also increased, especially because some of this crude oil is highly volatile, yet it is shipped in railroad tank cars not designed for flammable substances.  


Baykeeper 25th Anniversary Flash from the Past: The Nation’s First Regulations on Agricultural Pesticides Secured

Ten years ago, San Francisco Baykeeper won a major victory for protecting California waterways from pesticides, when we secured the first regulations on agricultural pesticides in the nation. This year Baykeeper is celebrating 25 years of work to defend the Bay from pollution, and looking back at major victories from our history.

Oil Spill Harms Swimmers, Coast Guard Responds with Cleanup

On Saturday, September 20, as swimmers in the annual Dolphin Club Alcatraz Swim were heading into San Francisco’s Aquatic Park, an oil slick drifted across their path. Several swimmers were oiled and a historic rowing boat was left with a “bathtub ring” of oil. So were all of the historic boats at Hyde Street Pier. Swimmers and beachgoers were warned away from the water at Aquatic Park.


Standing Up Against Crude Oil Shipped in Tank Cars Along the Bay Shore

Baykeeper and more than 150 of our supporters recently stood up for San Francisco Bay and against Valero Energy Corporation’s plan to enlarge the rail yard at its Benicia oil refinery.

If Valero gets its way, long trains of tank cars filled with explosion-prone crude oil will run beside Suisun Bay, a San Francisco Bay inlet and important wildlife habitat area. Oil spilled along Suisun Bay's shore could quickly spread throughout San Francisco Bay.


25th Anniversary Flash from the Past: Dow Chemical Required to Clean Up Its Contamination of the Bay

In 2002, Baykeeper compelled Dow Chemical’s Pittsburg plant to keep dangerous toxic chemicals from contaminating Suisun Bay, an inlet of San Francisco Bay.

Dow’s pollution included a long list of chemicals that cause cancer and reproductive harm, including chlorinated solvents. In addition to polluting the Bay, the contamination had reached groundwater four miles upstream from a Contra Costa Water District drinking water intake.

Benicia Recycling Facility Agrees to Protect the Bay from Toxic Runoff

Pacific Rim Recycling in Benicia recently agreed to install controls to keep the recycling facility’s toxic runoff from polluting San Francisco Bay. Baykeeper brought suit under the Clean Water Act based on Pacific Rim’s reports of tests of its runoff. The testing showed that the facility was releasing high levels of pollutants such as oil, grease, copper, lead, and aluminum into Carquinez Strait, which flows into the Bay.

Delta Water Tunnels Would Harm the Bay

The 35-mile tunnels proposed to carry freshwater from the northern end of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to pumps on the southern end would harm San Francisco Bay. Baykeeper recently took action against the controversial $25-billion project by submitting comments opposing the Delta tunnels in the public review process for the proposal, which is officially known as the Bay Conservation Development Plan (BCDP).


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