Two Fuel Spills in the Bay

Baykeeper is monitoring two fuel spills in the Bay today:

One is a diesel fuel spill near Alameda Marina that happened overnight, and the source and size are still unknown. The Coast Guard is responding. Oiled birds have been sighted.

To report oiled bird sightings, call 877-UCD-OWCN (877-823-6926). Do not touch or flush birds, or touch or clean up oil.


Auto Dismantler in San Jose Will Reduce Bay Contamination

Baykeeper reached an agreement with B2 Auto Dismantler, an autowrecking facility in San Jose, to clean up the company’s contaminated runoff to San Francisco Bay. B2 Auto Dismantler had been allowing rain to wash heavy metals off the site and into storm drains that lead to Guadalupe River and Coyote Creek, which drain to San Francisco Bay.

Baykeeper’s investigation revealed that over the past five years, storm water from B2 Auto Dismantler has contained copper, zinc, aluminum, and iron at levels consistently above EPA recommended limits.

Responding to Bay Birds Coated with Toxic Substance

Last week Baykeeper helped coordinate a search and rescue effort for hundreds of birds injured or killed by an as-yet unidentified sticky substance spilled or dumped into San Francisco Bay. Baykeeper Executive Director Deb Self was on the East Bay shoreline for two days, locating injured birds. We also recruited volunteers, collaborating with Wildlife Emergency Services, who collected injured birds, and International Bird Rescue’s center in Fairfield, where volunteers washed and fed surviving birds.

Syar Napa Quarry Agrees to Protect the Bay from Contaminated Runoff

In the 23rd victory for Baykeeper’s Bay-Safe Industry Campaign, Syar Industries Napa Quarry recently agreed to keep contaminated storm water from running off its facility into Arroyo Creek, which flows to the Napa River, and then to San Francisco Bay. The agreement came in response to Baykeeper’s Clean Water Act lawsuit and will protect the Bay from pollutants that include aluminum, lead, oil, grease, and nitrate.

Baykeeper Announces Intent to Sue San Jose to Stop Runoff Pollution to the Bay

Today Baykeeper sent the City of San Jose a notice that we intend to sue the city for failing to keep trash, fecal bacteria, and other pollution from washing into major creeks and tributaries to San Francisco Bay. Baykeeper conducted a two-year investigation that shows San Jose has some of the highest levels of polluted storm water runoff of any city in the Bay Area.

Calling for Action on California’s Drought

A coalition of 27 environmental, fishing, and public policy groups, including Baykeeper, have released Wetter or Not – Actions to Ease the Current Drought and Prepare for the Next, a comprehensive set of recommendations to address the impacts of a sustained drought. Organizations taking part include the California Coastkeeper Alliance (our statewide coalition of Waterkeeper groups), the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and the The Bay Institute.

Advocating Against Shipment of Crude Oil in Unsafe Tank Cars

Baykeeper recently joined with Waterkeeper organizations across the country to urge federal regulators to tighten lax regulations on crude oil shipped by rail. The amount of crude oil shipped by rail in the US has skyrocketed in recent years due to the increase of oil production in North Dakota and Canada. As a result, spills, accidents, and explosions have also increased, especially because some of this crude oil is highly volatile, yet it is shipped in railroad tank cars not designed for flammable substances.  



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