Berkeley Trash & Recycling Center Agrees to Protect the Bay from Toxic Runoff

The City of Berkeley Transfer Station and Recycling Center recently agreed to keep contaminated rainwater from running off its site and into storm drains that empty into San Francisco Bay.

Facilities like the City of Berkeley Transfer Station and Recycling Center are critical to reducing waste in landfills. The facility’s agreement with Baykeeper will ensure that it can fulfill its valuable role without contaminating the Bay.

Victory for the Bay: Measure AA Passes

In a victory for San Francisco Bay, Measure AA received 69% of the vote in the nine-county Bay Area, putting it over the 2/3 majority it needed to pass.

“Baykeeper is proud to be part of this win for our region’s most precious natural resource,” said Sejal Choksi-Chugh, Baykeeper Executive Director. “This is a time to celebrate, because the Bay Area has come together to support a healthier and more resilient San Francisco Bay for future generations.”

Measure AA will provide funds to:

Oil Train Derailment in Oregon Highlights Danger of Oil Transport by Rail

On June 3, a Union Pacific train with 96 tank cars full of crude oil derailed in Oregon along the Columbia River Gorge. Sixteen tank cars left the rails and four ruptured, spilling oil. A crude oil fire burned for 13 hours, and the accident damaged a sewage treatment plant, which had to be closed. An unknown amount of oil reached the river, possibly through a sewage pipe broken in the accident. An oil sheen on the water was visible from the air two days after the accident.


Baykeeper Issues Opposition Paper to Cal WaterFix Delta Tunnels Plan

Plans to divert fresh water from the Sacramento River and send it through two tunnels to pumps on the southern end of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta could devastate the San Francisco Bay-Delta ecosystem. Baykeeper has worked to oppose the construction of Delta tunnels for many years. Now, we have issued a summary of our science-based position for rejecting the tunnels plan, known as California WaterFix.

Consistent with the conclusions of agencies, independent scientists, and other nonprofit organizations, Baykeeper has determined that:

Santa Clara Plating Company Agrees to Keep Toxic Runoff from Polluting the Bay

CSL, a metal plating and coating company in Santa Clara, recently agreed to keep contaminated rainwater from running off of its site and into storm drains that eventually flow to San Francisco Bay.

Baykeeper sued the company under the federal Clean Water Act because its storm water runoff contained high levels of aluminum, zinc, iron, nitrate, nitrite, and acid.  These pollutants are toxic to fish and other aquatic life. 

Baykeeper Refutes Developer’s Claim that Coal Export Won’t Harm the Bay

Can 10 million tons of Utah coal per year be brought by train through the Bay Area and shipped from Oakland to Asia, without polluting neighborhoods and San Francisco Bay? The developers of a bulk shipping terminal in Oakland claim it can be done, in an opinion piece on the pages of the April issue of Bay Crossings newspaper. On the same pages, Baykeeper refutes the developer’s claims, explaining how much harm coal export from Oakland would create for San Francisco Bay, the Bay Area, and the global climate.

San Rafael Rock Quarry Agrees to Protect the Bay from Contaminated Runoff

In the 32nd victory for Baykeeper’s Bay-Safe Industry Campaign, San Rafael Rock Quarry recently agreed to improve its operations to protect San Francisco Bay from contaminated runoff. The quarry is on the Bay shoreline, and during rainstorms, polluted rainwater has run off the site directly into the Bay.


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