Baykeeper Update

Two Fuel Spills in the Bay

Baykeeper is monitoring two fuel spills in the Bay today:

One is a diesel fuel spill near Alameda Marina that happened overnight, and the source and size are still unknown. The Coast Guard is responding. Oiled birds have been sighted.

To report oiled bird sightings, call 877-UCD-OWCN (877-823-6926). Do not touch or flush birds, or touch or clean up oil.

The second spill is from the Shell refinery in Martinez, 2 barrels of crude oil were spilled during a testing operation last night. Formal response has been set up, and boom is in place to contain the spill. 60 gallons have been recovered so far. There have been no visible wildlife impacts reported yet. To report any issues, call the Shell hotline number 925-313-3777 (after hours 925-313-3601).