Baykeeper Advisory Board

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., JD, President, Waterkeeper Alliance. Special Advisor to the Board

Michael Herz, Ph.D, Retired, Founder, San Francisco Baykeeper. Special Advisor to the Board

Terry Tamminen, CEO, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. Special Advisor to the Board

Reverend Marc Andrus, Bishop of Episcopal Diocese of California

Dr. Sheila Andrus, Ph.D, Episcopal Diocese of California

Vito Bialla, CEO & Founder, Bialla & Associates

Dan Burkhart, CEO & Co-Founder, Recurly

Brian Drue, Partner, Corporate Diligence Specialists, LLC

Gary Groff, Senior Vice President, New Resource Bank

Ben Horenstein, Retired, East Bay Municipal Utilities District (EBMUD)

Terrel Hutton, Development Counsel, River Partners

Paul Kibel, JD, Professor of Law, Golden Gate University

James A. Kuhns, Retired, Managing Director, Independent Consulting Resources, Inc.

Michael Lozeau, JD, Partner, Lozeau Drury LLP

Joseph Marenda, Managing Director, Cambridge Associates

Nancy Marvel, JD, Retired, Regional US EPA Region 9

Doug McConnell, Television Journalist

Tyler Meade, JD, Attorney, The Meade Firm

Owen O'Donnell, JD, Retired, Real Estate Professional

Deb Self, Principal, Self Strategies. Former Baykeeper Executive Director (2006-2015)

Kent Smith, Retired, Chief Deputy Director, California Energy Commission

Sandra Stewart, Principal, Thinkshift Communications

Diane Walton, Vice President, Dolphin Club

Greg Yeadon, Senior Brand Manager, Central Garden and Pet