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Monthly Update for October 2014
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Rosé for the Bay—A Wine in Support of Baykeeper

Poseidon Vineyards has just released a 2013 Rosé for the Bay in honor of San Francisco Baykeeper. 100% of the winery proceeds will be donated to support Baykeeper's work for a healthy San Francisco Bay.

Poseidon Vineyard invites Baykeeper friends and supporters to a special Rosé for the Bay Wine Tasting, hosted by vintner Peter Molnar, on Saturday, October 18, noon to 4 pm, at the Poseidon Vineyards Sonoma tasting room.

The limited 120-case production of Rosé for the Bay is available at the tasting room for $20 per bottle and $240 per case, or order online in advance to pick up on October 18!

Rosé for the Bay is available online for pickup or delivery while supplies last. You can also find it at select fine wine shops and Bay Area restaurants, including Fish. in Sausalito and Hog Island Oyster Company in the San Francisco Ferry Building.

Learn more about Rosé for the Bay, and enjoy a glass for Baykeeper!

Baykeeper Says No on Prop 1, the State Water Bond

Baykeeper recommends a No vote on Proposition 1, the Water Bond on the California November ballot.

Proposition 1 won't help alleviate drought. It provides inadequate funds for water recycling efforts, conservation measures, and groundwater cleanup. Instead, it directs $2.7 billion to be spent on dams, the largest appropriation for dams in the state's history.

Proposition 1 won't help San Francisco Bay. It requires taxpayers to purchase publicly-owned water at inflated prices to subsidize agricultural water users, to the detriment of rivers and streams, including those that flow to San Francisco Bay.

Proposition 1's passage could compromise the goal of a sustainable water supply for our state, forcing environmentalists to fight to protect our natural resources for decades to come. Vote No on Proposition 1!

Learn more about why Baykeeper opposes Proposition 1 – the Water Bond.

Oil Spill Harms Swimmers, Coast Guard Responds with Cleanup

On Saturday, September 20, an oil spill into San Francisco Bay coated swimmers in the annual Dolphin Club Alcatraz Swim. The source was the World War II-era ship SS Jeremiah O'Brien, a nonprofit museum docked near Aquatic Park at Pier 45. Swimmers and beachgoers were warned away from the water at Aquatic Park, and nearby historic ships had a "bathtub ring" of oil.

After swimmers alerted Baykeeper about the oil spill, we helped initiate a response by the Coast Guard, state Office of Spill Prevention and Response, Regional Water Board, and a professional oil spill response company. Most of the oil was successfully contained and removed, using boom and absorbent pads (shown in this photo).

While the response was effective, Baykeeper will continue our work to prevent oil spills from happening in the first place—which is the most effective way to stop damage and protect swimmers, wildlife, and the Bay.

Learn more about the September 20 oil spill into the Bay and Baykeeper's role in the cleanup.

Advocating Against Shipment of Crude Oil in Unsafe Tank Cars

As more crude oil is shipped across the US by train, the numbers of spills, accidents, and explosions are on the rise. This photo shows an accident that spilled oil into a Virginia river last May. Much of the oil is highly volatile, yet it is shipped in railroad tank cars not designed for flammable substances.

The federal government has proposed regulations to require the rail and oil industry to upgrade unsafe tank cars that are prone to explosions and spills when they derail—but allows seven years to make the upgrades. And the required upgrades aren't even strong enough.

San Francisco Baykeeper and members of Waterkeeper Alliance recently called for much tougher regulations, including the required use of the most protective tank cars to ship all types of crude oil, and immediate speed restrictions on crude oil trains. It's vital that our waterways and communities are protected from tank car accidents and explosions.

Learn more about Baykeeper's advocacy against shipment of crude oil in unsafe tank cars.

25th Anniversary Flash from the Past: Baykeeper Wins Nation's First Agricultural Pesticide Regulations

In honor of Baykeeper's 25th anniversary, we present a flash from our past quarter-century of protecting San Francisco Bay from pollution.

For more than 20 years, pesticide-laden runoff from irrigated cropland was one of the largest sources of California water pollution. But because of the industry's political and economic influence, agricultural pesticides were exempt from all regulations.

After years of advocacy and community organizing, in 2004 Baykeeper won a groundbreaking set of pollution controls on agriculture in the Central Valley, the first regulations on agricultural pesticides in the nation. In 2006, we secured augmented regulations with tighter requirements to reduce pesticide pollution.

Read more about Baykeeper securing the nation's first agricultural pesticide regulations.

Baykeeper Seeks a Policy Research Intern

Baykeeper is looking for an enthusiastic volunteer intern to conduct in-depth research and analysis and develop informational materials related to pollution in San Francisco Bay.

The intern will develop an understanding about the Bay's watershed, pollution threats, environmental policies, and local governmental agencies, and may also occasionally participate in field trainings, investigations, and boat patrols. We're looking for someone who can start immediately, and work at least eight hours a week for at least five months at Baykeeper's office, although occasional remote work is possible.

Read the Policy Research Intern job description and learn how to apply for this position.

Thanks, Coastal Cleanup Day Volunteers!

Thank you to Baykeeper volunteers who took part in California's annual Coastal Cleanup Day in September at India Basin Shoreline Park.

Baykeeper volunteers removed 300 pounds of trash, ranging from entire bags of household trash, to food wrappers, cigarette butts, and tiny fragments of plastic and glass. Volunteer Corey Gargano and Baykeeper Law Clerk Sara Chandler found the most unusual items: a partial bowling ball and a garage door frame.

Baykeeper has cleaned up India Basin Shoreline Park for Coastal Cleanup Day since 2008, and we've seen a steady reduction in trash accumulating in the park. Thanks to everyone who participated in Coastal Cleanup Day this year, and helped reduce trash in the Bay watershed and in waterways around the world!

(Photo at top by Roberto Soncin Gerometta)

Drink wine for Baykeeper! Introducing Rosé for the Bay