Baykeeper Updates Related to Oil Spills

Blog Post: September 2, 2011
California lawmakers are expected to vote soon on a bill sponsored by San Francisco Baykeeper to fund oil spill prevention and response. Read recent news coverage here. We'll keep you updated on the results of the vote. Read the San Jose Mercury News' recently published editorial, "Senators need to...
BK In The News: September 2, 2011
The fight over whether to maintain California's oil-spill response and prevention program is a classic Sacramento showdown pitting Big Oil against public safety and the environment.
Blog Post: May 23, 2011
Update: The Coast Guard has identified a risk of more fuel escaping from the barge. They plan to pump the fuel off of the barge today. An abandoned barge stranded in Alviso Slough since at least 2007 has begun leaking fuel or lube oil near the sensitive marsh lands of the Don Edwards San Francisco...
Blog Post: March 23, 2011
Baykeeper has received word that there has been a small oil spill near the Richmond Long Wharf, the main pier for the Chevron Refinery. Chevron estimates the spill is approximately half a barrel (21 gallons) and is fully contained. The Marine Spill Response Corporation is now responding to the...
BK In The News: February 16, 2011
The captain of a sinking barge used some quick thinking to avoid what could have been an environmental mess. The barge was intentionally beached near the St. Francis Yacht Club after it started taking on water and of the 3,800 gallons of oil on the barge, only one gallon was spilled into the Bay.
Blog Post: February 3, 2011
Executive Director and Baykeeper Deb Self is participating in an oil spill preparedness training in the Oakland Middle Harbor today. She reports: I'm out at the Oakland Middle Harbor where oil spill responders are testing a new strategy to protect this important bird habitat in the event of an oil...
Blog Post: January 6, 2011
The San Francisco Chronicle reports that 120 Bay Area commercial fishermen will receive $3.6 million in a settlement with the companies that owned and operated the Cosco Busan container ship that spilled 53,000 gallons of oil into San Francisco Bay. The 2007 spill harmed many local fish populations...
BK In The News: August 15, 2010
Leaders of San Francisco Bay's fishing fleet say they're both perplexed and frustrated with state and federal oil spill authorities.
Monthly Column: June 10, 2010
Though the Gulf of Mexico is almost two thousand of miles away from San Francisco Bay, the implications of the ongoing BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster reverberate across the country. Sadly, it strikes a special chord here in the Bay Area, where we witnessed the effects of a major oil...
BK In The News: May 14, 2010
The Bay Area's most skilled, experienced wildlife rehabilitators have decamped to the Gulf of Mexico shoreline. San Francisco Baykeeper, part of a national coastline preservation nonprofit, has dispatched two staff members to the gulf.