Baykeeper Update

Abandoned Barge Leaking in Alviso Slough

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Update: The Coast Guard has identified a risk of more fuel escaping from the barge. They plan to pump the fuel off of the barge today.

An abandoned barge stranded in Alviso Slough since at least 2007 has begun leaking fuel or lube oil near the sensitive marsh lands of the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. A passing kayaker noticed a sheen on the water this morning and reported it to the Coast Guard, which responded along with the California Office of Spill Prevention and Response (Baykeeper sits on the Technical Advisory Council of the OSPR).

The sheen is being absorbed by special booms while the agencies investigate the source of the leak. If leaking fuel tanks are the source, action will be taken to remove the fuel. We are happy to report that rangers at Don Edwards were promptly notified of the spill; the City of Alviso is taking the lead locally.


Photo by Jay Mooy (Flickr/CC)